We offer comprehensive services related to planning, constructions and maintenance of internal and external electric installations, low voltage systems and automatic

Our knowledge and our experience guarantee professional handling of investments in each their stage:

  • projects
  • cost estimate
  • technical specification for the execution of works
  • technical supervision

Our services riches from design, construction, operation up to the services:

  • internal and external electric cables
  • transformer stations
  • electrical connectors
  • ground cable lines and overhead power lines
  • lightning protection system

Low voltage installations:

  • fiber optic telephone networks
  • CCTV instalations
  • audio warning signal
  • acces control system
  • horisontal and vertical lines
  • fire alarm installations
  • burglary-robbery alarm system

We conduct acceptance and periodic measurements of electric installations. Our offer covers:

  • measurements of insulation resistance – insulation testing
  • measurements of resistance and electric contact voltage impedance
  • round fault interrupter testing
  • measurement of predicted line short circuit current
  • measurements of power, currents and voltage, power draw
  • supply line load testing
  • measurement of earth terminal continuity and compensatory connections
  • measurement of cos (fi) power factor
  • measurements of grounding resistance, ground resistivity
  • maintenance measurements of lighting conductor devices
  • overvoltage protector testing
  • establishing the sequence of phase spin
  • manual tools of electric drive testing
  • measurements of leakage current
  • protection efficiency and quick switch-off testing